Interactive web visualitation of massive 3D geodata

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Nowadays, geodata are becoming more and more dominant in many workflows. Moreover, with new advanced acquisition techniques such as LIDAR or Photogrammetry, the emergence of massive 3D/4D data are, somehow, an issue for sharing and vizualizing such kind of geoassets.

The main objective of this task is to gather in a unique web application 2D, 3D and 4D geodata (and their associated metadata), in order to find,  share and visualize all the geo assets of a company.

The demo project is built on CesiumJS, a javascript open sourced framework dedicated on fast and smooth 3D/4D geodata.
Also, another framework has been evaluated, TerriaJS. It is more complete framework build on Cesium with a fonctionnal user interface (build on React).

Several types of geodata have been put in these frameworks: BIM (Building Information Model), DOM (Digital Outcrop Models), GIS geodata (shapefile, geosjson, geotiff/geojpg) and so on. The visualization is, as expected very fast and smooth. For ex. a DOM weighing 6 Go, is not an issue for such technologies.

The CesiumJS and TerriaJS frameworks could be used to develop a web platform to find, share, visualize geodata. Also, we could think to develop a tailored-made front-end and create data transformation API to be able to load as many types of geodata as possible.

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