How to join?

Follow all topics for a very affordable subscription with TELLUS Share

Or explore a specific topic by a privileged partnership whith TELLUS Lab

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TELLUS Share membership

A cost-effective way

to be in the loop


25 000 € / year

Unlimited access to the TELLUS website

  • Expanded technical information on TELLUS TOOLS prototypes
  • Detailed description of TELLUS LAB initiatives

Presentations of TELLUS TOOLS prototypes

  • Including live demos when relevant

A yearly consulting budget up to 5 days from TELLUS LAB experts

“Science and tech” intelligence newsletters

  • Released every three months
  • Edited by professional intelligence experts
  • Focused on geoscience digitalization with a worldwide scope

A yearly technical report gathering the findings of the year

A yearly two-days-long workshop

  • Technical presentations
  • Discussions on the business needs of the members
  • Creativity sessions

A yearly steering committee to co-construct the TELLUS roadmap

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TELLUS Lab projects

A flexible framework

to launch R&I partnerships


Price to be discussed

project by project

Initiative projects: focused topics and quick delivery

  • Case-driven: to address a new use-case with a R&D approach
  • Data-driven: to run and assess a methodology on operational data
  • Prototype-driven: to develop a tangible tool for your company

Classical projects: wider topics and longer-term objectives

  • Bilateral mode: exclusive partnership with a single company
  • Consortium mode: joint partnership with multiple companies

Typical deliverables are practical digital solutions

  • Evolution and customization of TELLUS Tools prototypes
  • Fine tailoring to your operational needs