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    Digital transformation towards geosciences 4.0
    Supporting subsurface industries in geoscience digitalization
    through practical use cases and a cross-disciplinary approach

TELLUS DIGITAL: Digital transformation towards geosciences 4.0

The Tellus ecosystem

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With TELLUS LAB explore a specific topic by a privileged partnership


 a team of experienced data scientists, software architects and geoscience experts

 privileged framework for bilateral or multi-partners projects with IFPEN

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With TELLUS SHARE follow all topics for an affordable yearly subscription


 a community of industrial companies interested in geoscience digitalization

 cost-effective framework for companies to exchange on business needs, follow IFPEN projects, and get up-to-date information on this booming subject

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With TELLUS TOOLS discover our digital companions for geoscientists


 a set of digital solutions aiming at supporting geoscientists in their daily tasks

 research and innovation integrated into a portfolio of prototype applications, addressing various industrial use cases

Demo projects

Analyzing geomodels and physical simulation results can be tedious and often involve complex post-processing
Exploiting geomodelling results is a difficult task due to the amount of generated data. Complex post-processing computations are often required
Accurately detecting and locating a large number of objects of interest in thin section images is an arduous task
Well logs interpretation is often rather subjective and highly time-consuming
Efficiently searching for relevant information within mass of unstructured data is often a time-consuming prerequisite of scientific tasks
Field trips are increasingly limited by budget, safety, footprint or inclusion issues



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