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When navigating through extensive collections of files and documents, it becomes advantageous to present and visualize the information in a graphical manner. Utilizing a graph view serves as the intuitive method to display categorizations, interconnections between related documents, and meta-information pertaining to the documents. Users may desire to delve into the relationships, connections, and document categories progressively, starting from a specific point, by selecting graphical objects and interacting with them.

We have developed a Java prototype capable of loading and displaying a very generic graph. The types of nodes and links are specified within an initialization file. In our proof of concept, the defined graph node objects encompass documents, categories, and physical entities. Objects representing graph nodes and relationships representing graph links are loaded into the prototype application through a generic XML data file. Lastly, the configuration of the graph display settings is defined in another initialization file.

The documents, categories, and entities are displayed as graphic nodes in an intuitive graph view. The connections between these elements are also illustrated and can be thoroughly explored. Information is accessible at both the node and link levels within the graph. Interactive actions, such as focusing and adjusting the center of interest, are enabled for both nodes and links, thus facilitating a dynamic exploration experience.

The developed prototype demonstrates the value of loading and presenting documents and categorizations in a graphical, synthetic view. It enables users to gain an overview and explore the documents along with their characteristics and categories.

Due to its generic nature, the prototype can be easily adapted and reused in various contexts.

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