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Nowadays, many companies encouter difficulties in planning geological field trips for time, budget, safety, footprint or inclusion issues. But field trips remain a major asset in geological studies and training. For a decade IFPEN have developped a complete workflow to digitize and interpret analog outcrop data, SmartAnalog. However the recent progresses in immersive Virtual Reality technologies unlock a new stage of realism and interactivity.

This project aims at bringing outcrops directly from the field to the office, enabling fluent knowledge-sharing and staff training for all levels of expertise and physical ability.

DIgital outcrop models  are embedded into a standalone VR device: Oculus Quest (version 1 and 2). Various additional geoscience data (horizon, logs, samples...) are added in the immersive environement to build complete educational courses.

A first demo is available using the Jungle VR technology   on the world famous turbiditic outcrop: Annot Sandstones  .

Future work could lead to a collection of virtual analog outcrop representing multiple depositional contexts. Besides the workflow, integrating field data in the VR platform from their on-site digitalization could be automated. 


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