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    Digital transformation towards geosciences 4.0
    Supporting subsurface industries in geoscience digitalization
    through practical use cases and a cross-disciplinary approach

TELLUS DIGITAL: Digital transformation towards geosciences 4.0

The Tellus ecosystem

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With TELLUS LAB explore a specific topic by a privileged partnership


 a team of experienced data scientists, software architects and geoscience experts

 privileged framework for bilateral or multi-partners projects with IFPEN

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With TELLUS SHARE follow all topics for an affordable yearly subscription


 a community of industrial companies interested in geoscience digitalization

 cost-effective framework for companies to exchange on business needs, follow IFPEN projects, and get up-to-date information on this booming subject

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With TELLUS TOOLS discover our digital companions for geoscientists


 a set of digital solutions aiming at supporting geoscientists in their daily tasks

 research and innovation integrated into a portfolio of prototype applications, addressing various industrial use cases

Demo projects

An Active Learning strategy for a well-known image classification problem, classically used in Machine Learning benchmarks.
Utilizing a graph view serves as the intuitive method to display categorizations, interconnections between related documents, and meta-information pertaining to the documents.

An essential step of risk assessment methodologies in subsurface activities is to simulate multiple possible realizations for the spatial distribution of the lithological facies.

An innovative method to automatically generate maps of prospectivity, based on Machine Learning and multicriteria decision analysis.
A web-based solution, which transforms cement bond logs images into sets of values and interprets them in terms of cement quality in a semi-automatic fashion.
Well correlations can be partially automated to efficiently consider multiple scenarios and better assess the corresponding uncertainties.



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