TELLUS projects presented at the 2020 RING meeting



Research for Integrative Numerical Geology (RING) is an international research consortium dedicated to geomodelling and quantiative geosciences, and IFPEN is a long-standing member.

From September 7th to 10th, the annual consortium meeting held simultaneously online and in Nancy (France) gathered 120 academic and industrial experts around the world.

It was an opportunity to present multiple TELLUS LAB projects, through two oral presentations.

The talk entitled « Computer vision and deep learning approaches to rock sample characterisation” highlighted the following TELLUS Tools:

The talk entitled “Towards digital companions for subsurface modellers: combining data science and natural language processing to facilitate geomodelling workflows” featured the following ones:

Both raised enthusiastic discussions, notably on the benefits of emergent digital technologies to assist geoscientists of various profiles in their routine tasks