TELLUS Lab trainees present geological applications of computer vision at EAGE workshop

EAGE workshop flyer


On March 8-9th, the EAGE organized an online workshop focusing on Machine Learning applications in geoscience.

Two former TELLUS LAB trainees, now PhD students at IFPEN, presented early results and good practices on the practical use of Deep Learning approaches to operational data sets of geological images.

The talks “Appraisal of several Deep Learning models for microfossil identification on thin section images” and “Assisted interpretation of core images with Deep Learning workflows: lessons learnt from a practical use case” respectively featured the following demonstration projects.

More generally, this workshop illustrated the diversity of Machine Learning use cases in different geoscience disciplines, both in academia and the subsurface industries.

More details on the workshop are available here :  

The extended abstracts of the IFPEN presentations are available on the EAGE EarthDoc system: here   for the work on thin sections, and here   for the work on core data.